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Monday, March 16, 2015

It cannot be fixed

It cannot be fixed as “it is thought” or “it is not thought” or good or bad, or thought as colour and shape. Nor can it be fixed as having limits or not having limits, as having size or not having size, as having a place or not having a place. Do not fixate on any of the characteristics of mental activity. If by doing this you do not rest upon thought, then that primordial non-abiding in the essence of thoughts’s sameness is reflexive awareness. .
Awareness means coming to rest in non-resting. For example, a bird flying through the open sky goes without resting. If it did rest in the open sky, it would fall. In the same way, it is not possible for there to be no awareness. Without awareness you would fall into the extreme of emptiness. Therefore non-resting is the primordially peaceful essence. Through the wisdom of the patriarchs you are able to be aware of the essence of this rare peace. If you apprehend this directly, there is no mental activity in that apprehension. If you see it directly, there is no mental activity in that seeing. This is the total perfect dharmakaya, equivalent to the dharmadhatu, the same as the sky. Since it is by nature non-abiding, its qualities are limitless and spontaneously perfected.” ~ Chan Book of Master Shinho (Shenhui)

Dharmakāya constitutes the unmanifested, “inconceivable”…true Self of the Buddha, present within all beings.
Dharmadhātu is the purified mind in its natural state, free of obscurations ~Wikipedia


Edit 9/21/2015:
Which reminds me - visa versa, actually - of my, so far, favorite passage from Wei Wu Wei's All Else Is Bondage:


The Masters' exhortations to abjure "thinking" do not imply the suppression of thought but reorientation, by articulation, of the impetus that results in dualistic thought into its im-mediate experience.
   Suppressed thought is the negative aspect of the dualism "thought-no-thought," another mode of thought itself and "one half of a pair," whereas what the Masters mean is wu nien, which is the absence of both counterparts, thought and no-thought,which is the presence of the suchness of thought, and that is expressed in spontaneous Action (pure action arising from Non-action: Wu wei).
   WU NIEN is the presence of the absence of no-thought."



Brian Miller said...

to reach such a state...such a place...it would be quite a thing indeed....nice pen and ink man..seen quite a few black birds these days...

Albert Decker said...

It's taken over a year of off and on study to feel like I've begun to understand this passage. Thanks.