Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WIP: West Of East, 5x7" oil on canvas panel


Stage 4. Bad photo again. That's why I left it small. You can enlarge it, of course, if you want to make your eyes feel fuzzy. Just to make a record in case I don't get a chance to scan it before proceeding. That little camera takes much better pictures a bit farther away, but this close, no good. The second one, showing my set-up with the reference photos, being a little farther back, much better.
Top left photo is the compositional cropping, the others for color and detail and mood.

Good photo of stage 3. Scan, actually.

Bad Photo of stage 3. I decided since the light seemed to be bluish, I'd go for orange(-ish) in the shadows. Cad red med.+ylw. ochre and a little cad ylw lt.+ult. blue for tall bushes on left; same plus a little tit. wht. and more blue in midground bushes; same +more ult. blue and cad ylw.+more wht. for background, which plans to be partly obscured in blue-greenish haze.
The power line painted over in ult. blue, my idea being to scratch it out with a nail once the sky is in...

Stage two; washed in with burnt sienna what I'd already sketched with charcoal.
I plan to post subsequent stages above this one so that the final finished piece will appear at the top of the post. Heh heh...plan...
Sept. 2015

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