Saturday, December 12, 2015


~ I call this one "Ice Cave," kinda just to have something to call it. I don't like "Untitled" for a title. 20x16" oil on canvas. The first version is from 2012 and I just did the second one, effectively destroying the first, which I did because... When it was new someone remarked, much to my surprise, that they could see part of a face in it.

See it? I can't not see it anymore, and that's so contrary to what I liked about it, I started despising it.
Finally decided, what the hell, if I hate it that much might as well destroy it, see if that helps.

Some of my best abstracts have come about that way, destroying what I don't like until I do like it. So I went after it, obliterating the most bothersome parts and winding up with one of my favorite obliterators, a big brush full of drippy paint.
But the pareidolia's in overdrive. Now I see more faces. I give up.
At least the color is more accurate in the second photo.


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