Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Overlooking the Overlook, Wishing Well, Crowley's Ridge State Park


"It isn't easy. Nobody has ever done it consistently. Those who try
hardest, scare it off into the woods. Those who turn their backs and
saunter along, whistling softly between their teeth, hear it treading
quietly behind them, lured by a carefully acquired disdain.
 We are of course speaking of The Muse.
 The Feeding of the Muse seems to me to be the continual running after
loves, the checking of these loves against one's present and future
needs, the moving on from simple textures to more complex ones, from
naive ones to more informed ones, from nonintellectual to intellectual
ones. Nothing is ever lost. If you have moved over vast territories and
dared to love silly things, you will have learned even from the most
primitive items collected and put aside in your life. From an ever-
roaming curiosity in all the arts, from bad radio to good theatre, from
nursery rhyme to symphony, from jungle compound to Kafka's Castle, there
is basic excellence to be winnowed out, truths found, kept, savored, and
used on some later day. To be a child of one's time is to do all these
 - Ray Bradbury (via



Damião Vieira said...

A. Decker, excellent design, with the text companhar !!!!! Hug

Albert Decker said...

Thanks, Damiao!