Thursday, February 4, 2016

Corporate Espionage (muah-ha-haaa!)


Back in the 80s I worked in a rice processing plant. Cameras weren't allowed but one day, since I had the top floor mostly to myself, I saw fit to smuggle in a little instamatic (a type of camera so old that spellcheck thinks it's not even a word). It was small, fit in a jacket pocket with ease.
My job up there on the "cooking floor" was pretty easy, and slow, so I was always wandering around out on the roof (5 stories/80 feet up) taking in the views.
Here are a few of them, plus an oil sketch I did some years later from this one.

Added sort of as an afterthought, this is a 20x24" oil on canvas I did from sketches I made out on the roof one other day.

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