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Friday, September 23, 2016

Backyard Studio


12x9" oil on canvas, 1993. The only time I've ever had a studio space that was not an extra bedroom--it was half of an unused storage shed out back of a house I was renting. Barely big enough to get my stuff in and set up, I found it really focused the mind, maybe because there wasn't room to do anything else in there but paint/draw.
My day job was on the afternoon/evening shift so I'd get up early and walk out in the back yard to my "studio" before going in to the job.
This piece is one of my best on location, or en plein air paintings to date. I just turned around from my usual orientation and did the view out the door--the only door--across our and the neighbors' back yards. By "best" I don't necessarily mean composition 'cause being too literal I included the slanted door facing, but on execution of observation I'm really pleased with it.


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