Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Speaking of fantasy...

 Some old drawings and one painting:

This is ballpoint in a small sketchpad. I was driving back from Dallas to Garland one day, stopped at an intersection when a shadow crossed the windshield, I looked up and...!!!  If you google "pterodactyls in Texas" you'll find people who would believe that. THAT'S a true story.

Deep in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pelucidar series.

Dreaming of flight...

...a study for the above figure.
Alas it never became a painting. Yet.



Jungle Queen. My pencil after The Master Frank Frazetta's painting.

Mushroom Fairy, 24x18" oil on canvas. I used a photo by a friend--which had a frog on the toadstool--and a figure from a book of action photos for artists.


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