Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yeah, Don Quixote...

My mind was too much in "adventure" mode yesterday to settle on a subject, so this turned out to be more of an exploratory exercise with the Pilot Precise V5 extra fine rolling ball pen. I guess technically that makes it a ballpoint sketch. 'Cept not really. It ain't no Bic Stick, although I was trying to use it like one.

 This is page one in a new sketch book, 8.5x5.5" made by Daler Rowney with 80 sheets of 65 lb. paper.
 And you get the full width for drawing as it's attached to the book by a 3/4" strip with perforations.
 Cool huh.

And here's some eggs I drew in pencil in another book a long time ago.


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