Friday, March 27, 2015

Small sketches...

...from a recent outing. 3.5x5.0 sketchpad, ballpoint, all from the front seat of the van. One ok, one barely ok, and one unfinished. I had a rider during that last one, who finished her business inside before I did mine outside. My Mom. I didn't figure she wanted to sit there and wait while I doodled, and even if she did, she was blocking the view.

I prefer to go out sketching alone.
And without time constraints, if possible. That way you can lose yourself in it, really see what your looking at.
The first one was like that; nowhere to be and a fresh mocha in the cupholder. I lived a few minutes in that one.
Second one, the day was wearing on and I thought a little more about time. Just wanted to hurry and grab those clouds; didn't really sink in to it.
I guess I'm trying to find meditation in the act of sketching.


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