Saturday, November 14, 2015

20 Things Only ADHD (Highly Creative) People Would Understand

 An article via Facebook via Go For Health via Life Hack.

"18. They have difficulty finishing projects.
The initial stage of the creative process is fast moving and charged with excitement. Often, they will abandon projects that are too familiar in order to experience the initial flow that comes at the beginning."  -- From the article, which is linked in the post title, or you can go HERE.

Most of it seems to fit me like a glove, with maybe an exception or two. I'm still not sure what ADHD has to do with it though, unless it's just that there are striking similarities.

Pretty interesting article, though. And fun, if you find yourself in there.



Nicola Dalbenzio said...

Probably why I like watercolor and sketching. Oil is such a commitmant

Albert Decker said...

Sometimes causes me to wreck oil paintings and turn them into abstracts. Well, whatever causes that, it happens.

jbkrost said...

nice new look.... love the chair!, wreck away, it looks good to me.

Albert Decker said...

Thanks, JB.